Land with good drainage facility can be chosen for the cultivation of banana saplings. Red soil and other moderate soil with less amount of sand proportion will be suitable soil for banana plants. The pH of the soil should be neutral or between 5.5 -7.5. Thus, the soil should be subjected to the soil test in a suitable laboratory or government based horticulture labs to confirm the pH of soil. If the soil is more acidic, it is to be neutralized using the gypsum and if the soil is more basic, neutralize it with Dolomite. This neutralization is very important to make the soil suitable for the cultivation.
Tissue cultured plants are not season dependent. They can be planted to the soil throughout the year. The Major difference between the normal and the tissue cultured plants is that tissue cultured plants will have twice the number of roots that are present in the normal plants. This unique property gives the plant the strength and good nutrient absorbing capacity thus gives good yield to an average of 15 – 35 kg/ bunch.